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Ahmad AlShugairi God bless you

Ahmad AlShugairi is a media man from saudi Arabia. He has a bachelor of management systems, and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of California. He is known in the Arab world because of his "Kawater" Series which means "thoughts". These Series was a great success because it adress the young people issues in our world in a very interesting and simple way and he always started his program by saying " i am not a mufti neither scholar nor a jurist i am just a person who seeks knowledge"

Ahmad is agreat  man who has a great vision which is to make our world better following the Prohet Mohammed way which is Islam. Ahmad wants to send a messeage to all the people, that we can change, and we can be better.

Amnad talked about many things in his program and many thoughts as he named it. He talked about  behaviour, time, reading, sport, technology, develpoment, proficiency, cleanliness, cultures, human rights, education, work, sincerity, love, optimisim, history, workers rights, blind people rights, solving problems, traditions and religions, thanking people, Arabic language, and many other things that make us better people with a better enviroment and civilization.

here is a list of some of the serius names

The reader today is the leader tomorrow
65 years old but young!
Do your best and then trust
Thank you
Tradions or religon?
People or animal?
Males or Mens?!
Super education

Ahmad represents many videos and intreviews with people which make the program more interesing and fun, he always travel and record videos from other countries to present how people act and beleive and develope themselves. In  "kawater" season 5 he traveled to Japan and presented a really great and interesting programe about how people there respect others no matter what and how they did not let go of their traditions but they improve themselves with their traditions and religion. He also represent their time management, education system, technology, honest, human rights and respect and many other things.

some people start to complain that we cant reach Japan and it is a long way and the different is very huge so, In the last season last year which was season 6, he compared the Islamic countries to each other saying that, it is fine forget about Japan lets compare our selves to islamic countries like us and he also included an espsiode about Dubai to show the people how Dubai the Arab and Islamic city is, and how they did not complain but they did change, he presented a video about Kidizina Dubai which was lunched after "Kawater 5" wheh Ahmad presented Kidzinia in Japan .

In "Kawater 5" he showed a Japanese school and how the Japaenese teachs the kids to clean their own class so they will be clean and they will also repect the job of a dustman instead of dispise him like some people in the Arab world do, they do not respect this job.

 After "Kawater 5" some schools in Saudi Arabia and Dubai started to apply this education system.

The point is, education is very important so we should teach the children to respect every job, Ahmad also mentioned that the Japanese dustman's salay is aroung AED 11,000 and it can reach AED 30,000. They respect him because he work for their health and he cleans their enviroment, wherease in the Arab countirs the dustman salary is less than AED 1000 ! The interesting thing is that not every one can be a dustman no! you should study a major about enivromernt i forger the name now but yes you cant just go and work like that!

In "Kawater 6" as i said he compared the Islamic countries to each other nowadays, he talked about Malaysia, Singapore and the UAE, he traveled to these countries to represent the comparison.

he also talked about Islamic countries in the history like Spain, Turkey, and Egypt and about the huge Ottoman empire and how Muslims were the number one in the world in everything compared to the European countries. It was a Dark ages in the European countries and in the same time it was The golden ages in the Islamic countries.

It was a very interesting program, I wish him Good Luck for his next "Kawater 7"

This is a short video from Kawater 5 in Japan, the workers and employees start their work by exercising 

This is the only episode i found that has English subtitle and it is "Kawater 3" 

Four suspicions about Islam & Mohammed

Here are some pictures from the series episodes of Kawater  

I really like this person and respect him because he is honest and his goal is really great and pure. I f you see his program you will see him crying sometimes and laughing you can feel his honesty and sincerity he truly love people and wants the best for them, thats why people loves him. 

Here is a part of the New York times interview with Ahmad  

BROOKE GLADSTONE: Robert Worth is Middle East correspondent for The New York Times. We spoke to him last year. This Ramadan, Shugairi will focus on the Muslim world of the Middle Ages.
When we spoke to him in 2009, the then-35 year old Muslim televangelist told us that he became extremely religious during a seven year stay in California after, shall we say, a hyper secular period. He says his message of moderation grew out of the two extremes he lived while he was in the U.S.
AHMAD AL SHUGAIRI: You know, a pleasure-based life and zero spirituality, just living day by day and having fun, and then I switched to the total opposite, meaning I just cared about spirituality and religion. And I guess the, the balance is what I believe I reached.
Of course, everyone thinks he’s balanced at the end of the day. Even extremists describe themselves as being balanced. But I believe now religion helps me be a better manager, a better husband, a better student.
BROOKE GLADSTONE: When you were in the States, you were also watching a lot of television. Can you tell me what the American media taught you, if anything, about what you’re doing now?
AHMAD AL SHUGAIRI: Yeah, I think I heard it in one of the American books, that they have the strategy of not focusing more than 20 or 30 seconds on the same frame or something like that, and I'm using that. We don't focus on anything more than 30 seconds. So it’s a fast paced, right to the point, no lecture-y attitude.
BROOKE GLADSTONE: Tell me what the message is.
AHMAD AL SHUGAIRI: Live a balanced life, the same message as what Plato, Aristotle, uh, the prophets said. Be good in this life, never hurt anyone, perfect your work, and eventually this will, uh, come back to you as good on Earth and after death.
Also — one very important topic is respecting other religions and other cultures and opening dialog with them and not having me versus the world mentality. I mean, I'm not coming up with something new. It’s just I'm packaging it in a way that the youth can accept and understand.

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